Madness Photography started as an official, serious company in 1998.
But the history of Madness Photography started long before. Onno “Berserk” Wieringa, founder and owner of Madness Photography, has been a self-taught photographer since he was a little kid and started to take pictures of something he loved since the day he was born: motorcycles!

His motorcycles
After he finished high school, he started working for various Harley-Davidson shops, where he learned to work on bikes. At the age of 17, he already owned two Triumph’s and when he was eighteen he had four Triumphs and a Suzuki GT 750. After getting his drivers license, when he was eighteen, the Triumphs all had to go and were replaced by a bike that he had wanted since the day he was born; a Harley-Davidson. This bike is still in his life; it’s an FXE-F 1200 Super Glide Fat Bob, which has been rebuild and modified endlessly and ridden for many miles. Going everywhere on the bike, there was one thing he always had in his pocket; his camera!
At the age of 23 he started drag racing, and he and his team named “Midnight Madness”, raced the bike on all the major races and drag strips all over Europe. He has competed in many classes; starting with the Street bikes, than Ultimate Street Bike, Super Stock, Pro-Stock, and then finally in the fastest gas burning class; Top Gas! Also again taking thousands of photo’s of everything interesting, at every racetrack! Being a racer for more than 18 years gave him insight in the world of fast bikes, and he’s still involved in the world of drag racing as a helper/mechanic and of course photographer / reporter.

Latest News in the Custom Bike World

Garage-Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover, Brought To You by Allstate Motorcycle Insurance Announces 2017 Winner!

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Mupo developed the ultimate front suspension for American V-Twin motorcycles and manufactures them specially for Zodiac. 

Improved handling and damping characteristics are the benefits of these precision made units, which feature chrome-moly fork tubes, machined aluminum alloy sliders, hard anodized damper rods and smooth clear or black anodized top tubes and wheel axle clamps. They feature integrated caliper brackets for 2000 to present style calipers designed for use with 11 1/2" disc brake rotors in dual set up. Can be used with most single or dual stock and aftermarket disc brake calipers. The billet triple trees are mirror shine polished after machining, and the black version is black anodized after polishing. Forks are available with 0 degrees, 3 degrees, or 6 degrees raked trees.

The completely new designed and styled version of our Upside Down forks features:
• Smoothened 54mm aluminum top tubes
• 43mm Chrome-moly inner tubes
• Completely new developed damper units
• Individual fork spring pre-load adjustment
• Cylindrical shaped billet aluminum wheel axle clamps
• Hidden mount wheel axle
• Billet aluminum Wide Glide 9.85" wide triple trees with 0 degree, 3 degrees, or 6 degrees rake

• Available in 31 1/2" or 33 3/4" length
• 5 1/2" Travel
• Complete Smoothglide Upside Down forks

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